Sunday, May 7, 2017

Laying sound groundwork

The Artdog Quote of the week 

Last month's Quotes of the Week centered on climate change and the denial thereof. This month's Quotes turn to the related topic of teaching children (and their parents) the important things that the natural world can tell us. As today's quote points out, we won't save what we don't value. Summer beckons. Let us make the most of it!

IMAGE: Many thanks to Dona Matthews and her wonderful blog post essay about the value of taking kids outdoors to learn.

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  1. I remember Mom had a book called Exploring Nature With Your Child, although I don't know how many of the book's suggestions she followed. I do remember watching and identifying birds at a very young age, and planting a garden out back--I got to plant and tend the radishes! Of course Grandma Boo was also a champion bird watcher, and collector of exotic pine cones, and George was an ace gardener. Grandpa Jack saved tomato seeds from year to year, and even Grandma Sherrell had a rose bush outside her kitchen window.

    I spent a lovely morning in my own garden today, then a lovely late afternoon in Deb's. Coming home I saw a guy out walking his dog. The dog was eagerly engaged in everything that was going on around him, but the guy never took his eyes off his phone. Even when he was outdoors, he wasn't communing with nature. That's so sad.