Friday, January 3, 2014

My 2013 Retrospective of Finished Pieces

I've been doing my annual review as we mark the turn-of-the-year, and one of the things I changed this year was assembling a "2013 Portfolio" for myself.  I enjoyed looking at it, and thought you might enjoy a look back as well.

Hippo at Home was the first piece I finished in 2013. This is the old mat.
Border Rose used part of the materials from Rose Dance.
White Clematis I is one of the Clematis Variations collection.
Purple Clematis is another of the collection.
White Clematis Panel rounds out the Clematis Variations collection.

Ann's Hat Tag was a personal project.
Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy-Light Cycle was the final piece I finished in 2013.
I also had many works-in-progress that I did not manage to finish. Paper sculpture takes a long time, especially when it is as big as the 15"X15" square Nine-Part Herbal Fantasy.  Next week I plan to produce a "Pieces and Previews" post that shows a few of those.

IMAGE CREDITS: Need I mention that these images are all my own artwork? If you wish to repost them, please do so with attribution and a link back. Thanks!

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