About Jan S. Gephardt

2016 04 24-Jan-by SignyJan S. Gephardt commutes daily between her Kansas City-area home and two other universes: the sunny balcony in the Wizards’ Village where she makes her paper sculpture, and a habitat space station the size of New York City, far from Earth and several hundred years in the future, where she writes science fiction novels about a sapient police dog.
Her assorted apprenticeships included teaching, parenting, graphic design, marketing, art-publishing, news writing, fostering rescue dogs, estate liquidations, and cooperating in a long-term marriage partnership, while steeping herself in the writing craft. Her current multi-book series stars a sapient police dog who knows how to manage humans and sniff out criminals.
Jan’s fantasy artwork has been a regular feature in regional sf conventions since 1981. Since 2007 she’s developed a unique paper sculpture technique. Her artwork has been featured in regionally-exhibited one-person shows, and juried into national shows all over the United States.
Contact Jan via email at Jan.Gephardt@gmail.com