Thursday, December 26, 2013

You think Halloween is Scary? Try Yuletide!

Forget the bogeyman. Krampus carries "delinquent" children to Hell.
Meet Krampus.

He is the terrifying opposite of St. Nicholas' sweetness and light.  He, too, carries a sack--but his is NOT full of toys and candy.  He uses it to capture naughty children and carry them off to Hell.


The magazine The Atlantic recently posted an online slideshow of images of costumed "Krampus" figures that are a feature of Yuletide festivities in Alpine parts of Europe. I chose several to share with you here, but for more explanations and images I urge you to see the whole show.
The lighting effects of torches and bonfires in the night add to Krampus figures' menacing appearance.
How many future years of therapy do you think this guy has inspired?
Wouldn't want to meet this one in a dark alley, either!
Scary as they may seem in the right light, I bet the guys who design and wear these costumes have a load of fun doing it. 

You can't tell me this guy didn't build his "devil go-kart" in his garage and chortle over how cool it looks in the dark!
I have friends who delight in putting on elaborate productions to "haunt" their yards or porches for Halloween. They have kindred spirits in the Alps, I'm sure.
Krampus chariot rides!  What a rush!
Lighting and ambiance give the wonderful costumes their full power.
The photos I liked best in the slide show were the ones that gave a glimpse of behind-the-scenes.
This is my favorite photo of the whole slide show. Inside the fur, under the horns--the spirit of St. Nicholas lingers in the hearts of ordinary guys putting on a helluva show.
To all my readers: Yuletide blessings, and . . . watch out for old Krampus!  :-)

IMAGE CREDITS: Many thanks to The Atlantic for publishing these images!  What a different view they give of the Yuletide season!

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